NAFSA 2015: Get Your Tech On

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The time has come for international educators to convene together and learn, grow, and inspire. This year’s NAFSA conference in Boston has a large number of technology related sessions, most of which you will see below.


This year, the Tech MIG has a number of opportunities for you to meet and connect with us, and with tech-minded individuals from the world of international education. They are:

Tech Forum – 1:15 -2:15 PM Wednesday May 27
Location: Westin Harbour II

Open Meeting – 2:45 – 3:45 PM Wednesday May 27
Location: BCEC – 253C

Tech Help Center – 10 – 12 PM Wednesday and Thursday May 27,28
Location: Career Center

Tech Poster Fair – 9 – 10:30 AM Friday May 29
Our Tech Forum will be an opportunity to learn more about the MIG, and how you can be involved and network within the MIG. Our Open Meeting will be an opportunity to take part in our open discussion and FAQ session. We will be having a small panel of tech professionals from the world of international education and using the session to discuss and share ideas.

If you would like to submit questions, or discussion topics in advance for our agenda for the open meeting, please email them to


Education Abroad

Dialogue on Managing Education Abroad Remote Staff

Date:         Tuesday, May 26

Time:         2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Type:         Education Abroad

Description:     Discuss challenges and best practices involved with managing education abroad remote staff – domestic and abroad.


Millennials, Generation Z, & Social Media: Meeting Study Abroad Students Where They Are

Date:         Wednesday, May 27

Time:         2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Type:         Education Abroad

Description:     Millennials and Generation Z students are no longer using the same social media channels they were two years ago. They have moved on to other platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and, in China, WeChat. This session will discuss social media use among current students and how to engage with them on these platforms before, during, and after study abroad.


Training Remote Study Abroad Staff Remotely: Health, Safety, and Security

Date:         Wednesday, May 27

Time:         2:45 PM – 3:45 PM

Type:         Education Abroad

Description:     U.S.-based health and safety officers demonstrate innovative and technologically based approaches to providing health and safety training to internationally based staff. They will discuss ways to mobilize home campus and local resources to overcome the logistical challenges posed by the need to train study abroad staff around the world.


Digital Connectedness with the Home Culture in Education Abroad: Conundrum or Wave of the Future?

Date:         Thursday, May 28

Time:         9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Type:         Education Abroad

Description:     Study abroad for the ‘digital native’ creates a conundrum: full engagement in the host culture versus pervasive, constant connection with the home culture. This session shares trends and attitudes gathered from more than 200 students, and presents ways host institutions are catching the digital wave for more effective communication.


Expand Your Digital Toolbox to Improve Education Abroad Programs

Date:         Thursday, May 28

Time:         2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Type:         Education Abroad

Description:     Learn how to use the rapidly evolving array of virtual programming tools to enhance student learning in experiential education programs. Identify challenges and best practices for using digital tools for programs and advising, from predeparture to student collaboration, including ePortfolios and study abroad apps.


International Education Leadership

Leveraging Relationships &Technology for Intercultural Engagement at Small Institutions

Date:         Wednesday, May 27

Time:         11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Type:         International Education Leadership

Description:     Institutional partners in Morocco and the United States will share how they have deepened student intercultural engagement through the use of technology and creative collaborations beyond mobility. The session will examine successes and challenges of such projects in internationalizing small liberal arts institutions.


International Enrollment Management

Managing an Intensive English Language Program in the Cloud

Date:        Tuesday, May 26

Time:        2:30 PM – 3:45 PM

Type:        International Enrollment Management

Description:    In this session, representatives from Arizona State University will demonstrate how they manage Intensive English Language processes and student services functions in the Cloud. Learn how to manage the complexities of working with international student data within one platform for ultimate program optimization.

A Mystery No More: Successfully Engaging Prospective International Students

Date:        Wednesday, May 27

Time        11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Type:        International Enrollment Management

Description:     How do you move prospective students through the enrollment funnel? The results of student mystery shopping experiments will be revealed. Best practices will be explained for engaging, encouraging, and enhancing contact with prospective international students from initial contact through enrollment, with an emphasis on digital marketing strategies.

Implications of the Groningen Declaration: Digitalization of International Student Records

Date:        Wednesday, May 27

Time:        11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Type:        International Enrollment Management

From secure exchange networks to digital student record depositories, the Groningen Declaration is creating new approaches to student data exchange and shaping the future of student and economic mobility. Learn about the initiatives aimed at facilitating academic and professional mobility through a coordinated, global approach.

Google+ and Hangouts: The Latest Technology in Communicating with International Students

Date:        Thursday, May 28

Time:        2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Type:        International Enrollment Management

Google+ has become a valuable tool in reaching, attracting, and communicating with international students. In this session, we will demonstrate the importance of Google+ and how to host and use Hangouts. The presenters will show how a Hangout can be an effective tool to drive students through the enrollment funnel.

Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies for International Student Recruitment

Date:        Friday, May 29

Time:        8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Type:        International Enrollment Management

Become more competitive in the digital and social media marketing spaces. Learn how to save time, increase efficiency, and better engage prospective students. Presenters will discuss a variety of outreach opportunities to give your institution wider exposure to prospective students, and share secrets of personalizing the admissions process.


International Student and Scholar Services

Advising International Students About OPT Through the Use of Online Tutorials and Video

Date:     Friday, May 29 Location: BCEC, 160ABC

Time:     9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Type:     International Student and Scholar Services

Description:     Staff from international student offices will discuss how online advising work authorization tutorials are created, how this changes the scope of their advising, and the practices and policies implemented to advise through tutorial and/or video. This interactive panel presentation is geared toward intermediate immigration professionals.


SEVIS and SEVP: Current Issues

Date:     Thursday, May 28 Location: BCEC, 210BC

Time:     2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Type:     International Student and Scholar Services

Description:     Learn about current regulatory and practice issues that affect the advising of international students in F or M immigration status, as well as current issues involving the SEVIS system. Tips, tools, and resources related to these key topics and issues will be included. SEVP officials have been invited.

Shared Interest

Tech Hacks for the Busy Workplace

Date:        Thursday, May 28 Location: Career Center

Time:        12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Type:        Shared Interest
Description:     Explore technology ‘hacks’ and solutions to make your work day more efficient. Learn from experts about windows and mac shortcuts, online tools, and dealing with social media and program management using tech.


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