Getting to Groningen: Digital Student Data Portability Webinar

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data-portabilityIs “paperless” really possible? Why yes; yes it is.

Learn how the international education industry is “getting to Groningen” – the namesake of an ambitious initiative that empowers students to access and share their authentic educational data with whoever they want, whenever they want, wherever.

Given higher volumes of international applications and fewer resources, admissions colleagues are challenged to boost both the efficiency and integrity of the process. Get the latest info about fresh technological advancements and thoughtful global initiatives that address these issues that impact the entire International Enrollment Management cycle. Catch a glimpse into the future of “digital student data portability” – driven by a generation inspired by the opportunity to actively control their online footprint.

Register now to be part of this excellent webinar:

Thursday 19th November at 12pm EST/9am Pacific time

Hosted by: Cheryl DarrupBoychuck, CIEO of



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