Those interested in connecting with the Tech MIG can find the MIG on the following networks:

The MIG is active across all the above listed platforms with the goal of offering resources and a discussion forums for members to share information and advice with each other. This is our practice on how we will interact and use each platform:

  • Core Tech MIG documents will be made available and hosted on the NAFSA Tech MIG Space
  • The LinkedIn Group will be the primary home for discussion and sharing of content/articles
  • Facebook and Twitter will work as outlets to repost and share content/ ideas

To help guide members and their interactions with these platforms, the Tech MIG has created guidelines/best practices:

  1. Resources shared through the networks can cover a wide range of topics, but should be related to technology and/or international education.
  2. Posts should always be free from any commercial/promotional messages. The Tech MIG is not a platform to market and sell services.
  3. The Tech MIG actively encourages its members to post relevant technology related articles through any of the platforms, either by posting on the platform.
  4. If members have an article they would like the MIG to share through our channels, please pass it to one of the Co-Chairs for discussion and posting.