The Tech MIG has a number of ways that it keeps it members updated, and has positioned itself to be a resource to the international education community:

Resource Database

The following resources have been compiled by Tech MIG leadership and members, and are regularly updated:

Tech Meeting Host Package

Interested in hosting a Tech Meeting at an IE related conference?  We have resources for you! For more information, please click here.

Social Media Platforms

The Tech MIG social media platforms are designed to be forums for sharing and discussing information, primarily through our LinkedIn group. For more information on our platforms please click here.

Quarterly Newsletter

By signing up for the free Tech MIG membership, you will be automatically included in the quarterly newsletter and special bulletin emails that the MIG will send from time-to-time. The quarterly newsletter will include items such as:

  • Related Tech MIG News
  • Upcoming Events for the Tech MIG
  • How To Get Involved
  • Latest Tech News
  • Special NAFSA Regional and National News