Tech Liaisons

If you are interested in being a Tech Liaison, apply by sending an email to with your interest and resume, or a link to your LinkedIn profile page.

Stephen Tippett

Stephen is a teacher and university international education manager.  Over several years in the field, he has taught in elementary, middle, high school, and at the university level, and he currently works at the intersection of currisquare_stephen-tippett-3culum and technology, at the State University of New York.  Stephen is also working on his doctoral dissertation on the instructional design study abroad classes.  His research interests include participatory learning, study abroad teaching and learning, and collaborative online international learning (COIL).  Stephen worked for several years in Chile in a program through the United Nations Development Programme and he maintains an interest in international learning between Chile, Ecuador, and the U.S.

Description & Responsibilities

The NAFSA Technology Member Interest Group (MIG) Tech Liaison contributes industry knowledge and and bridges the worlds of IE and IT.

Major Areas of Responsibility include:

  • Facilitate discussions and share resources or articles a minimum of 1-2 times per month on the MIG Discussion Forum on Network NAFSA, MIG Facebook, LinkedIn, and / or other locations.
  • Contribute relevant IT content as related to the work of international educators
  • Contribute relevant articles and blog posts for the website and Tech MIG newsletter
  • Keep list of prospective members and share with Chair / Co-Chairs
  • Bi-monthly meeting with your Chair / Co-Chairs

Primary Objectives

  • Help brainstorm and implement initiatives to recruit members within your Tech Category
  • Provide technical expertise to MIG in application and understanding of technology
  • Collaborate with any other category leaders to propose ideas and contribute content to the MIG’s Chair / Co-Chairs

Position Requirements

  • Familiarity with NAFSA
  • Actively involved with or highly knowledgeable in the field of international education
  • Can demonstrate and lend expertise in at least one Tech Category (Information Technology, IT Systems, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Website Design, SEO, CRM Systems, Sunapsis, SEVIS, COIL, or other software)